New Research on Reincarnation from Children

New Book on Reincarnation

A new book of children’s accounts of past life memories has been published by Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes. The title Memories of Children: Children’s Astounding Recollection of the Time Before They Came to Earth is available at for a little over $10.  Some children do have very clear memories that can be authenticated with research.   This collection of remembrances collected over many years by Dr. Dyer may strengthen your belief in reincarnation.  A two year old grandson of mine just told his mother the other day that he had seen Jesus and God in heaven before he was born.  She told him how wonderful that must have been.  Perhaps he is remembering; perhaps he has heard his older siblings talk.  Either way it is best to acknowledge and respect the child’s ideas, especially if you believe in reincarnation.

New App on the market to Distinguish Babies Cries

I mentioned the work done by the Australian baby whisperer identifying baby’s cries in my second book.  This information is available as the Dunston Baby Language DVD for 32.69.  But now I see that Taiwan researchers at the National University Hospital in Yunlin have designed an App called The Infant Cries Translator which will record your baby’s cries and in 15 seconds tell you what the cries mean.  It took them two years to develop the App by analysis of 200,000 recorded sounds of 100 newborn babies.  They claim a 92% accuracy rate for up to two weeks, but as the baby ages there is a decline in accuracy.  So, under 4 months, they claim an 84% accuracy and after that a 77% accuracy.  After 6 months they say there is no point in using the APP as the baby has adapted to its environment.  The App sells in the U.S. for $2.99 from Google Play and the Androids App store.


Another new book:  Sleeping Through the Night

It can be a game changer to have a young infant who is able to sleep through the night.  And now a new book by Drs. Lewis Jassey and Jonathan Jassey called the Newborn Sleep Book will teach you how to extend the feeding times during the day to 4-hour intervals to prepare a baby to sleep longer hours at night.  If you are in favor of demand feeding, their advice might not sit well with you.  It seems there is always the need to compromise either the baby’s needs or the parent’s needs when you are dealing with very young children.  In this case, the baby’s eating pattern is being programmed.

Violet Flower

Violet Flower