Reflecting on Christmas Presents

The page turns to a new year of parenting ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.  In my free book, I state that there are five principles of parenting that I put forth as a formula for life. They are:

Believe in God’s powerful alchemical love.
Believe you can be an instrument of that powerful love.
Use your free will to advance the power of love in all you do.
Balance your karma and try not to make more karma.
Focus on soul evolution as opposed to solely materialistic goals.
After the Christmas whirl is over, we reflect that perhaps we spent too much on presents, or didn’t give the “right” present, or were unable to help Santa as much as we would have wanted to.  And then we remember that the act of giving is the outreach of God’s love for us, that we gave our gifts to advance the cause of family love, and that those gifts are even in some small way perhaps atoning for past sins from other lifetimes.  So whether we spent too much or too little is not the point of it if we felt genuine love for the recipients of our gifts.  That love more than the object we gave is what was significant.

We were delighted in Tucson with the gift of snow a few days after Christmas and I prove my point with a montage of photographs from Tom attached below.  It didn’t last too long but reminded us once again that nature has a mind of its own and not to get too comfortable with the predictable.

+Snow Collage+heart-10

Snow in Tucson Photos by Tom Miller