Dr. Makoto Shichida Part 2

Dr. Makoto Shichida, Part 2

Dr. Shichida postulated that the two distinct types of brain functions (right and left) result in two different types of memory and mental operations.

Left Side of Brain

The left side he believed operated at the beta wave frequency (14 to 30 hertz cycles per second).  This brain wave pattern is most frequent used by adults in our awake states.

Right Side of Brain

The right side of the brain operates on the alpha wave cycle (8 to 13 hertz cycles per second).  This pattern is more common in young children.  The right brain wave pattern – alpha wave cycle – learns mostly with images.  This wave frequency is most often associated in adults with a relaxed alert state of mind such as in meditation, just after awakening, or while relaxing to music.  Chinese chi-gong masters have been scientifically shown to be working with alpha waves and the right side of the brain is “wired” to learn from alpha waves per Dr. Shichida.

Thus, it is not the activity that is either right or left brain, but the frequency of the brain that you use to do the activity. So, for example music could be listened to with the left brain or with the right brain with a different result.  The left brain might analyze the music and the right brain experience the music.  Meditation, deep breathing and music are tools to shift the wave patterns from beta to alpha.  These two brain wave states are our waking states. Dr. Shichida believed that children were in the alpha wave state up to the age of three. After this, the left side of the brain begins to dominate in most people.

Key to Dr. Shichida’s theory is the notion that our subconscious mind receives information through our skin as well as the five senses in the alpha wave length state.  In order to send and receive images, the mind must be operating at the Alpha wave cycles.  Telepathy is possible when the vibrational frequencies travelling through the body are changed into mental images at the alpha wave state.  (Note:  Dr. Shichida uses the term “right brain” to refer to alpha wave learning and “left brain” to refer to beta wave learning.  It may be that there are wave patterns of learning not limited to a particular brain hemisphere and that calling certain types of learning right or left brain as he does is misleading.  Therefore, it may be more accurate to discuss his success as attributable to using certain brain wave frequencies of learning using various parts of the whole brain.  Future neurological studies might be able to sort this out.)

Materials to develop right brain functions

The method used to develop right brain function is to input information at a high speed to the right brain (Science has yet to tell us exactly where this information is stored in the brain). This is accomplished with speed-reading, speed-watching and speed- hearing.  At the Shichida Child Academies in Japan, mothers attend classes 1 time per week with their child and are taught to use flash cards in a rapid-fire manner flashing visual information at less than 1 second per card and by repetitious playing of audiotapes (speed-hearing).  “A high speed massive input (without comprehension or conscious memorization) is the key to activate the right brain” [1]The content of the visual and auditory input is carefully orchestrated to achieve specific skill levels of right-brain functioning but not to teach specific information.  Once the pathways (mylenated synapses) are established for right-brain functioning, a child can learn anything and learning becomes automatic.

Using these methods he had some success with children with brain disorders and Down’s syndrome children. Flash cards music, games and physical exercises were all part of a holistic program he developed into kits for various ages.  Storyboarding cards, vocabulary cards, memory games and guessing games are many of the activities that parents use with their children.   The specific games and methods he used to develop right-brain functions are proprietary intellectual property shared only at his academies, but a glance through his catalog gives you the idea there is plenty of variety.

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