Family: The Karma Crucible


Family:  The Karma Crucible

A crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass and pigment production. Various elements, when placed in a crucible and subjected to high heat are fused together in new creations. A family is a type of crucible.  The combining of the karma of all the family members is the chemical combination of elements, you might say, that continuously combine in the family crucible.

Many factors are combined in this crucible for family transformation. We want these transformations within the family unit to be positive and powered by love and respect. Each person in a family is affected by every other person – the underlying belief of family systems theory.  All play a role no matter what their age.  Due to their collective karma, each family will be unique and their challenges and joys unique as well.

Soul Development in the Family

The dynamic interactions taking place in the crucible of family are critical for the development of the soul. The soul will be asked to accommodate itself to other people in a multitude of ways, often difficult. The testing of love through relationships in families occurs in a variety of forms regardless of family configurations, values, religion or culture.

Karma plays a big role in the dynamic of families. If past encounters have been difficult in some way, these will be unconscious factors in the dynamics of interactions between family members.  If there have been positive ones, they will strengthen the current bonds.  When love is the foundation that supports and binds a family together, the times of testing and trial can be transformed into the building of each member’s character and their commitment to one another.  In this way, the family is the opportunity for the transformation of each person’s soul.

Unconditional Love

Nothing remains the same for long, so it is important that the family remains strong and helpful to each member through adversity and challenge. The one positive constant in our lives can be those people who love us unconditionally and are always there for us.  We often think of these people as family whether we are related by blood or not.  This is why on a personal level, our unique “family” is the most important spiritual tether to the world.  The reincarnating child needs the healthiest family life that their karma and circumstances can provide. Knowing this, parents can make the supreme effort to be good parents and utilize approaches to parenting and educating that will produce good fruit in the lives of their children.

(Excerpt from The Family:  Seasons and Reasons by Celeste A. Miller, Ph.D.)

Japanese maple leaves, Worcester, MA, Photographed by Tom Miller

Japanese maple leaves, Worcester, MA, Photographed by Tom Miller